Why Woodburning Tables Are A Great Idea (And How To Do It)

Woodburning can completely transform an old, tarnished table into a gorgeous piece of furniture in your space. If you have an older wood table that’s sitting around gathering dust, give it a chance to regain its former glory by turning it into a unique piece of decoration. The nice thing about woodburning with tables is that you have plenty of options. You can work on the table top, legs, corners, or anywhere else on the table that appeals to you. Some people even choose to cover the entire table in patterns and images, it will still look beautiful. You can choose the ornamental style, patterns or images. Even effects like torching or rusting will only make it look more beautiful.

Once you know how to wood burn, it can be a great way to restore old tables, especially if they have some emotional value or meaning to you. Even if that’s not the case, woodburning can salvage older pieces of furniture that have lost their shine, or became stained and damaged. Even stains from paint, for example, can be covered and made invisible with some good quality woodburning work. Searching is a great way to cover heavy stains. You can also draw some patterns or frames to design around damaged corners or cracks. Woodburning, with some polishing, is what turns shabby into chic and trash to rustic.

First things first, you will need to choose a pattern to work by. The pattern should be the matter of your personal preference. You can’t really go wrong, as long as you don’t choose a design you don’t have time, patience or skills to finish. Since this is a larger project, make sure that the design is something you are completely confident in being able to burn with your own hands. Also, think about the time design will take and whether or not you will have the patience to go all the way through with the project. It is better to go with a simpler design you will be able to finish than to start a complicated project and give up on it eventually.

You will need to work slowly and patiently. Rushing through your design will bring you nothing good. Arm yourself with patience, and slow down. If you do this project right, it will become a piece of furnishing your home will be famous by. Be patient with each line and shade. Instead of trying to finish the whole project at ones, divide it into several days and devote few hours each day to a specific part of the design. Try to burn the design with biggest precision and patience, to achieve best results. Remember to work around any possible damages to the table, as they can become a part of the art piece, instead of a nuisance.

Once you are finished with your project and happy with the result, display your table properly to accent its beauty. Make it a star of the room, with as little knickknacks as possible to disturb its beauty. Avoid damaging your unique table at all cost. This means, protect the surface against any damage. A simple glass top, with as few knickknacks as possible, will complement the table without taking away from its beauty.