Calligraphy, Symbols & Quotes In Woodburning

Expressing your creativity through calligraphy, symbols and quotes is the most rewarding, yet demanding aspect of pyrography. To use these features properly, you need to gain enough knowledge about their meaning and application before you apply them into your projects. A lot of the time, pyrographers enjoy using these creative features to bring a better aesthetic to their work. With careful and well thought out approach, a simple symbol or a letter style can make or break their entire work. Here are a few thoughts on significance and use of symbols, quotes and calligraphy in woodburning.


Calligraphy is an art of drawing and producing beautifully designed letters. It has been an art of its own for an extended period of time, dating to traditional Japan. In alphabet, calligraphy is considered a sophisticated form of letter-writing, which requires exercise, passion, and hard work. In pyrography, different fonts are used to complement the overall design of the piece. Examples of calligraphy styles are widely available online, and each pyrographer has the liberty to explore and discover new styles, as well as design their own. Calligraphy style serves the purpose of complementing the overall designed, which means that it needs to be coordinated with the image or quote it’s being used with. The choice of the writing style varies depending on individual preference, style, and woodburning skills. A good calligraphy choice, however, needs to secure a proper contrast between letters and contribute to text reading well.


Widely used in the craft of woodburning, symbols are also a very popular expression of typographer’s inspiration, and their personality as well. Symbols usually have a dual meaning. First, objective meaning of the symbol represents the message that a symbol sends to other observers. For example, many popular symbols used in pyrography, like Celtic, tribal, magic, religion, have an objective meaning that can be interpreted using outside sources. However, symbols also have a second, subjective meaning. Each symbol individual sees has a special meaning to them, that doesn’t have to be related to the objective meaning of the symbol. Let’s take a cross, for example. For some, it is a statement of religion, while, for others, it is a protective symbol. Using symbols in pyrography is a truly deep and spiritual experience for every person. This is the reason why gaining a thorough knowledge of symbols we use in our work and being aware of their both meanings can give more significance and depth to our pieces.


Popular sayings, quotes from poems, prose or historical figures, are widely used in pyrography. Quotes can be a way for us to express our thoughts and intentions. Sometimes, we use quotes to express love and admiration, and other times to express less positive emotions. In woodburning, quotes can be used to accentuate the message behind images or patterns, and they can, as well, be a centerpiece of our work. Either way, they are an important feature that expresses thoughts and intentions of one’s work.