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About us

We are devoted and passionate woodburners, who have been practicing this craft for many years. Woodburning is a noble and delicate craft, which requires passion, devotion, and full engagement. This blog is dedicated to sharing our passion and engagement for pyrography, to everyone wanting to know more or follow our new projects. As we spend every day exploring the never-ending creative world of pyrography, we share our adventures in hopes of introducing something fresh, new and inspiring with each new post. We will feel honored if our projects, tips, and ideas inspire our readers to take up woodburning as a hobby. We will also feel quite flattered if experienced woodburners find inspiration from our posts and projects.

We are glad to produce woodburning tips for beginners, as well as share special tips with experienced artists. Woodburning is an art that requires a lot of precision and sensitivity, and each and every one of us, enthusiasts, forms their own style and routine over the course of the time. We will share our tips for better, easier and more enjoyable woodburning. These tips come from our own experiences and present actions that we perform and habits that we’ve adopted to make our hobby more enjoyable and safer, and our results better.

Looking for innovative ideas for your new projects? Since the art of pyrography is the art of indefinite creative ideas, we will share each new and inspiring idea that produces a good result. We will publish our new Woodburning ideas on a regular basis, with a desire to discuss and share every fresh and creative step we make. If you ever wish to find fresh and new inspiration for your projects, we will gladly publish our innovative ideas for you to find inspiration with.

Creating pyrography art is a dynamic and exciting endeavor. Each new project is different and unique. Each and every new project carries its own challenges and experiences, producing all new and permanent memories. We will post our projects on this blog, and share every step of the process, as well as the end result. We will keep our readers informed of the current pieces we are working on, challenges we’ve encountered in choosing a design, a proper type of wood and tools, and, finally, a done piece for you to enjoy and find inspiration in.

We will also report on our thoughts and opinions related to different choices of images and patterns for pyrography projects. There is nothing more personal for a pyrographer than the image they choose to burn into a piece of wood with their own hands. This aspect of pyrography is very personal and reflects each woodburner’s individual style. We will express our personal style through sharing content about our best pics and suggestions regarding visual aspect of woodburning, as well as the application technique. We hope our honest stories will amuse and inspire you. More important, we hope to spark our reader’s interest in pyrography and contribute to this amazing craft gaining new supporters.